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Bundles | A Sex Ed Lesson and a Box of Toys

Select one of our Exclusive Earthly Delights Workshops and enjoy a Free Video Lesson & Tutorial when you purchase the Bundle!


Workshop Video Lesson & Tutorial | an in-depth lesson on a specific topic | video download 

Select Products | a curation of toys, lubes, and other items tailored to each workshop | body-safe | discreetly packaged and shipped to your door

Diagrams & Informational Materials | pleasure anatomy demystified | key notes and fun facts from the workshop | product list | cleaning instructions and toy care

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Exclusive Earthly Delights Workshops

Sex Ed for the Southern Belle


A lesson plan that gently lays out all the what, why, how of sex for the bride who has waited for marriage. 

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Horny Girl


What does self care mean to you? Making time for yourself. An in-depth lesson on pleasure anatomy and finding the right buzz for you!

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Sex as We Age


Menopause is not the end of your sex life! A lesson on hormones, kegels, vaginal health, and how to keep going after 50.

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Shop by Pleasure Anatomy

Pleasure Anatomy: V


There are 8,000 nerve endings in the Clitoris alone!

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Pleasure Anatomy: P


Tips and tricks, our favorite products, and the long term benefits of switching from routine

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Pleasure Anatomy: A


Health and pleasure fun facts for the pleasure anatomy that everyone can enjoy! 

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Shop by Style


From rumbly to buzzy we'll help you navigate the vast world of toys that go buzz!


Did you know the G-spot is the internal side of the clitoris? 


Flared base, just in case.

No such thing as too much lube.

Butts have no gender.

a haiku

Kegels & Pelvic Floor


A healthy, strong pelvic floor is the key ingredient for  longevity

lube lube lube!


water-based | silicone | hybrid

pH balancing | daily use

sensations | CBD

Brands We Love!


Originally produced by a physician to combat and prevent prostate cancer

Fun Factory

Made in Germany, display worthy designs, high quality, body-safe materials

Je Joue

Award winning, made in London, high quality innovative designs, sex-positive


Award winning, high quality materials, attractive designs, truly waterproof, 3 year warrantee


Made in Sweden, beautiful designs, impeccable functionality, medical grade silicone, 10 year warrantee


Anatomically mindful designs, high grade stainless steel, exceptionally clean


Gentle, glycerin free, 100% vegan lubricants, made with women in mind

Spare Parts

Made in the USA, made with women in mind, quality product, lifetime warrantee


Handcrafted in the USA, 100% Ultra Premium Platinum Silicone, designed with longevity in mind


Made in Japan, revolutionizing *male* oriented designs, high quality materials, innovative designs

Vixen Creations

Women owned, lifetime guarantee, high grade materials


Hetero-Couple oriented, high quality, eco-friendly

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It's time to shed the stigma, the shame, and the criminalization of sex. It's time to improve the way we educate and talk about sex. Sex-Positivity is a lifestyle.

Our Mission and Philosophy

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Body Safe Materials and Ingredients

Paying attention to what we put into our bodies is a good way to stay healthy. And that doesn't just mean watch what you eat!

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Whisper Parties

From Bachelorette Party to Divorcée Celebration we got you covered. 

With a little education and a lot of fun our Whisper Parties are sure to be a delight! 

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