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Whisper Party – Essentials

This workshop is an Intro to Toys and Pleasure Anatomy. You will learn the what/why/how of sex toys as well as the health benefits of sex! You will be able to browse, shop, and ask all the questions.

$99 for ten guests or fewer and just $10 per person after that

Whisper Party – Premium

Most Popular for Bachelorette Parties

This package includes a goody bag and a more in-depth workshop of your choice.

Select from our options by clicking below. Otherwise we can always curate a custom one based on your interests.

$199 for ten guests or fewer and just $20 per person after that

Key Party

$100 per guest and you're guaranteed to go home with a toy!

This is a spin on the Key Parties of the 1960's where you would put your keys in a jar and whoever pulled out yours would take you home. Now, we're not getting that risqué!

For our version of a Key Party first, each guest still puts their keys into a jar. Second, you will then be introduced to some of our higher end products and learn about each one, how to incorporate it into your sex life, the materials it's made of and why that matters, its intended purposes, and the anatomy you may enjoy using it with. third, the guest of honor picks out a set of keys from the jar and chooses one of the products we discussed to go home with the owner of those keys!

This party is super fun for those of you who want to try something new but may be overwhelmed with the options. It's also a fun way to guarantee your friends get a toy in their hands! who knows, maybe it's their first toy ever. What an amazing gift!

Select one of our Exclusive Earthly Delights Workshops

"Southern Belle"

Chapter One

For the ones who waited we'll start slow. 

  • A gentle excursion into what to expect your first time
  • The health benefits of an orgasm, pleasure anatomy, arousal, and hormones

Chapter Two

  • The health benefits of an orgasm, hormones, and arousal 
  • Understanding your pleasure anatomy, and that of your partner

"Horny Girl"

Chapter One: Romancing the Self

  • Self care, masturbation, body image, and self love. How to take the time to do you and find satisfaction in the tender moments 
  • Health benefits of an orgasm, hormones, and pleasure anatomy

In the famous words of Ru Paul, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?"  

Chapter Two: Electric Moments

  • How to find the right buzz for you. A showcase of toys and products from every category there is! 
  • What goes where, and the what/why/how of it all
  • Understanding body-safe materials, health, and lube! 

Sex As We Age: Menopause

Chapter One

What is Menopause?

  • Common myths and what's actually happening to your body
  • Symptoms and natural remedies

Chapter Two

Never fear for Menopause is NOT the end of your sex life!

  • Libido and arousal
  • Lube
  • Kegels
  • Toys


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  • What are we celebrating?
  • Party Package 
  • If choosing the Premium please also choose a Workshop
  • If you prefer a custom Workshop please tell us any specifics you want us to cover

Once we receive this information we will follow up with you as soon as we can. 

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To host the party in your home or at your hotel we add an additional $50 to the total price.

We ask for a $75 non-refundable deposit to lock in your party date and time!

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